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New Roots Garden Centre is a full service garden centre

Our products include annual and perennial flowers, trees and shrubs, roses, container gardens, hanging baskets, houseplants, water gardening, seeds and bulbs, potting mixes, soil amendments and mulch, fertilizers and chemicals, pottery, garden tools and supplies, fountains and garden decor.

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Trees & Shrubs

Large selection of trees and shrubs for any garden project, sun or shade plenty of options, we can help.

Visit our shade tree section for those hot summer days some shade would be great. Large shade trees, maples, oaks, locust for the larger yards, or ornamental trees flowering pear, crab apple, columnar oak, ivory silk lilac for the smaller yards. From 10 gallon 7′ trees up to 25 gallon 15′ trees we have or can get what you need.

Our shrub selection is the best in town, all locally grown by Ontario farms, our selection is of the best quality around. Hydrangeas up to 15 gallon, they are to die for. Shrub sizes from 1 gallon up to 15 gallon for any size project, if we don’t have it we can get it.

Beautiful rose, tones of blooms, spireas, potentilas, sand cherries, dappled willows, and evergreens, cedars, junipers, mugo pines, tones of options.

If you don’t see it, please ask one of our experts for availability.

Join us in July for our tree and shrub work shop, planting, pruning, fertilizing

Perennials & Annuals

Visit our large annual green house for a huge selection of Ontario grown annuals to brighten up any garden with a blast of color. Hanging baskets, patio planters and custom planters built in house by our design team.

Join us in May for our build your own patio planter work shop. You can’t help but to cruse through our perennial section, with all the colors and smells, even if your not looking for a perennial, it’s hard to pass them by. 1 gallon pots up to 5 gallon pots (spectacular) they are a must see. Hostas, day lilies, black eyed susan, cone flower, to many to mention, a must see.

Top Soil

A blend soil mixed with compost, made from composted food waste, brush and composted manures, sand and subsoil, zero in rocks and is 99% weed free, ready to plant grass and flowers beds and shrubs.

$40 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

Triple Mix

Triple mix is a combination of top soil, compost and peet moss and it’s the universally accepted soil mixture. Use it for ornamental gardens, fruit trees, roses, evergreens – anything.

$40 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

Black Mulch

Black mulch is the darkest of the four and is midnight black. This mulch does a great job of creating contrast around the exterior of your home. Colored Mulches are made from ground wood, a more readily available material.

$55 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

Cedar Mulch

Double-shredded cedar with lots of hints of the read heartwood and golden in color. Great for animal pens due to its ability to help as a repellent for insects. Cedar mulches retain less moisture than other mulches, so it lasts longer and is good for paths.

$55 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

HPB – High Performance Bedding

High Performance Bedding is the branded name for bedding material used to provide drainage layer under slabs, retaining walls and pipe bedding trenches.

$45 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

Limestone Screening

Type of stone dust. It is used as bedding for interlocking stone, flagstone and other natural stones. It is also used to make granular pathways.

$45 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

3/4 Crushed Gravel

This crushed stone helps with drainage and is found in many decorative colors and types of rock. It is commonly recommended for driveways, general landscaping applications, shrub beds and walkways.

$45 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

3/4 Gravel Clear

¾” Clear is a crushed washed limestone. Used for drainage around weeping tile, as well as for decorative ground cover

$45 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

River Rock

Mixed round and odd shaped stones with small amounts of sand or soil mixed in (it is a screen but not washed stone). This product is great and very popular for landscaping.

$85 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area


A washed, properly graded sand that is typically mixed with cement to make mortar. Other uses for this material include sand boxes and sweeping into joints of interlocking pavers.

$45 per yard for pick up / $40 delivery charge in local area

Garden & Lawn Supplies

Do you have a problem in the garden? Something chewing on your investment? We can help.
We carry a large array of fertilizers to re vitalize any of your plants or your lawn, all natural products made in Canada, proven to work. Sprays to get rid of those pests or fungus, we can treat every problem. If your not sure what the problem is, our staff can help diagnose most problems instantly or we have multiple resources to hide a cure.

Tools, tools, and more tools, a gardener never has enough tools, and we probably have a tool you don’t have, check them out.

Home and garden decor is a great gift idea for anyone that spends time outside, even if they don’t we have plenty of indoor ideas as well. Constantly changing, our gift ware is top quality.